Many people, couples and families are struggling to cope with all the upheavals around the world and our economy. 

There are many helpful strategies that can help us cope with stress, anxiety and relationship issues. 

Alleviate has partnered with

Lighthouse Leadership Psychology & Training

to provide subsidised counselling sessions with

Fiona Pratley

Counselling sessions are offered in clinic, or via phone or online.

You may be eligible to receive a one hour session for $35

 if you meet the following criteria:

# Genuine financial difficulty

# A referral from your medical practitioner

*  Please note that all applications are subject to approval from the Alleviate commitee

Clinic Location:  27 Coes Creek Rd, Burnside

Fiona Pratley

Lighthouse Leadership Psychology & Training

      • Low self-esteem or feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness
      • Depression
      • Anxiety, fear, phobias
      • Grief and loss
      • Relationship mending and repair
      • Marriage problems
      • Parenting skills

If you’re struggling to cope and could benefit from counselling support please complete the contact form below:

*Please email the referral to